Head Protection is required in almost every industry where restricted headroom, falling objects or working at dangerous heights pose a risk of serious injury. In many workplaces head protection is mandatory, and
it is the main form of personal protective equipment worn by millions of people everyday.

Storage Temperature

Temperature : minimum +5ªC and max. +25ªC
Avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf Life

User should regularly inspect both the helmet shell
and its harness for signs of wear and tear. Deep
abrasions of scuff marks to the helmet will require
it to be replaced. “Safety” recommend to change
the safety helmet maximum 5 years after date first
used while the textile harness is recommended to
be changed yearly.

Personalizing your Safety Helmet

Print your company logo or user’s name or serial
number on any part of the shell using ‘hot print’ ink
or high quality sticker or you can add fluorescent/
scotchlite to add glow for your safety helmet.

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