ZETEX HT800 Fibreglass Fabrics

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ZETEX HT800 Fibreglass Fabrics

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HT800 is tightly woven, using 8HS Satin pattern, creating packed density ideal to conduction heat away from the point of heat impact. The density facilities and increases heat flow, thus enabling HT800 to provide and efficient heat conduction systems away from the failing spark area. This reduces the overall impact temperature and prevents burn through.


Fabric Construction 90 × 65 ends/cm.
Temperature Exposure 550°C(Continuous Maximum)
Flame Spread Class I Surface Spread of Flame
Density (Nominal) 880 grams/meter²(±10%)
Thickness(Nominal) 1.0mm
Width(Nominal) 1.0 meter
Weave Satin
Colour Golden Brown
Process Heat Treated
Length/Roll 50 meters
WEFT YARN CC 11 48 2 × 3
WARP YARN CC 11 48 2 × 3
Breaking Strength N/2.5 cm/4300 × 2800


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