X20 Lightweight Proximity

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X20 Lightweight Proximity

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The X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit is designed to protect from radiant heat and minor molten metal splash. The X20 is fabricated with a Z-Flex® outer shell and is available with your choice of a standard FR cotton liner or an upgraded neoprene liner for added protection from hot steam, gas, and vapor.

The Z-Flex outer shell reflects 95% of radiant heat and withstands radiant temperatures up to 3000°F (1650°C). In addition to providing outstanding protection, Z-Flex is also the most durable aluminized material available de-laminate under even the most demanding conditions.

This suit can be used in a wide range of industries including foundries, petrochemical plants, processing facilities, and other environments where workers are exposed to extreme radiant temperatures.

• Small collar
• Set-in sleeves
• Snap adjustments on sleeve cuffs
• Optional: Pouch for SCBA

• Sewn-in elastic suspenders for adjustable pant drop
Boots Covers
• Velcro straps secure cover behind foot
• For wear over work boots

• Hard cap with ratchet adjustment*
• Full shoulder length drape
• Elasticized underarm straps
• Rounded bib
• Polycarbonate lens with gold film

• 14” aluminized gauntlet style
• Leather palm & fleece lining
Also Included
• Ballistic nylon duffle bag
Testing & Certification

The X20 Lightweight Industrial Proximity Suit meets the requirements of the ISO 11612 test standard. The Z-Flex® outer shell also meets or exceeds the additional specifications listed in the table below.


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