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Lightweight, trendy frameless design provide all day user comfort. The soft temple end inserts for excellent grip.
Great field of vision with a unique, sporty temple design with strengthen protection on side arms.

Cleaning: Clean with warm soapy water and dry with a soft non abrasive cloth.
Storage: When not in use this product should be stored in a clean dry poly bag in a cool place out of direct sunlight and away from solvents, solvent vapours or corrosive materials. Maximum product life 1-3 years.
Damage: This product should be carefully inspected before use and discarded if damaged in anyway whatsoever.
Material Declaration: No parts which are in contact with the wearer are made from materials known to cause skin irritation.
Chemicals: Certain chemicals may have a detrimental effect on contact with this product. If in doubt please check with your supplier.
Disinfection: The parts of this product in contact with the ski should be disinfected periodically (at least every 3 months with a suitable disinfectant.
WARNING: This product offers no protection against IR radiation.
This product offers adequate protection against UV sun radiation but should not be used against hazardous levels.