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Equipped with X Factor technology and the industry’s longest battery run time, the small, lightweight, NFPA Certified Bullard NXT lets firefighters focus on seeing the most critical details in the heat of the fire when they need it most.

  • INNOVATIONS for the Fire Service
    The Bullard NXT is designed not only for long-lasting service on the front line but also low total cost of ownership in the back office. It is purpose-built for today’s fire service including NFPA Certification and the industry’s:
    -Longest battery run time
    -Best image quality
    -Most desired form factor
    -First wireless charging systems
    -Most proven durability
    -Leading imager and battery warranty
    -Outstanding PERFORMANCE
    -The image clarity you have come to expect from the X Factor Family is further refined in the NXT. Equipped with an ultra-high performance LCD display that greatly increases brightness and contrast, the NXT lets firefighters see more clearly in smoke and direct sunlight. Bullard’s NXT can exceed eight hours of continuous run time for the ultimate performance in fire conditions.
  • ADVANCED Features
    The Bullard NXT is loaded with advanced features, including Super Red Hot colorization, intuitively highlighting high- heat scenes in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red, and temperature measurement in numeric and relative heat indicator formats. Optional features include Bullard’s exclusive Electronic Thermal Throttle®,which enables firefighters to optimize scenes with the touch of a button, 2X/4X Digital Zoom that lets firefighters get closer to the action, and Bullard’s internal SceneCatcher Digital Video Recorder that allows firefighters to capture five hours of video and store hundreds of still images.
  • EASY to Use
    Like the popular LDX, Bullard’s NXT is distinguishable from other thermal imagers by its uniquely focused compact ergonomics designed specifically for the fire service. The imager’s power button design enables easy powering on and off with a gloved hand. Additionally, multiple colors are available for departmental identification. The wireless charging systems are compact, simple, and allow for easy continuous use.
  • Unmatched DURABILITY
    The NXT is built Bullard Tough for the way firefighters work. The imager comes standard with a five-year, industry leading warranty not only on the NXT but also on the battery.


  • Physical
Configuration  Small Handheld Thermal Imager
Weight (w/ battery)   2.4 lbs. (1.09 kg)
Dimensions H 5.4″ (137 mm), W 4.6 (117 mm), L 8.2″ (208 mm)
Housing Material Ultem® Thermoplastic
Upper Housing Colors Red (standard), Metallic Blue, Blue, Yellow, Lime-Yellow,  Orange, White, Black
Lower Housing Color  Black
  • Electrical
Power Source Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Capacity 6400 mAh
Battery Cycles > 800 @ 70% Capacity
Start-up Time < 4 Seconds
Operating Time >6 hours (with or without DVR operating); 7-8 hours in routine conditions
Recharge Time 5 hours from fully depleted
  • Infrared Detector
Detector Type   Microbolometer
Detector Sensing Material  Vanadium Oxide
Detector Resolution  320 x 240
Spectral Response   7-14 µ
Update Rate   60 Hz
NETD  < 30 mK
Dynamic Range  1100° F
Pixel Pitch   17 µm
Video Polarity White-Hot
  • Lens
Material   Germanium
Field of View   31° V x 40° H
Focus  1 m to ∞
Speed   f/1.3
  • Display
Type  Digital, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Size   3.5″ (89 mm) Diagonal TFT Active Matrix
Pixel Format   RGB
Brightness   500 cd/m2 (minimum)
Contrast Ratio   350:1 (typical)
Viewing Angle (Typical) Top = 60°, Bottom = 40°,  Left / Right = 60°
  • Standard Features
Temperature Measurement Numeric and Bar Style
Super Red Hot Colorization Engages automatically above 500°F
  • Optional Features and Accessories (if so equipped)
Electronic Thermal Throttle  Blue Hot Spot Colorization (Manually activated)
Digital Zoom 2X/4X
SceneCatcher   Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Video Format  NTSC
Video File Type   AVI
Video Image Size   720 x 480
Video Record Time   5.5 hours
Connection   Micro USB
Retract Strap
Hard Case
  • Charging Systems
Wireless Desktop Charging System (standard)
Wireless Truck Mount Charger (optional)
  • Performance
500° F (260º C) Heat Resistance 5 minutes with no damage to electronics
350° F (177 ºC) Heat Resistance 15 minutes of continued operation with no damage
-4° F (-20º C) Cold Resistance  Continued operation
Water Resistance   IP67
Impact Resistance 2 meter drops on concrete with no damage
Hazardous Locations  Conforms to ISA STD 12.12.01
CSA-C22.2 No. 60079-0:15
IEC 60079-0:2011, MOD
Encapsulation  IP6X (ANSI/IEC 60529)
Radiated Emissions  FCC 47 CFR Part 15B EN 55022:2006
Electromagnetic Immunity  IEC 61000-6-1:2005 EN 55024:2010
Internal Battery UN/DOT 38.3 IEC 62133 2nd edition
  • NFPA 1801, Standard on Thermal Imagers for the Fire Service
Warranty Five (5) years on both thermal imager and battery

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