Loomstate Finish WT1000 Fibreglass Fabrics

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Loomstate Finish WT1000 Fibreglass Fabrics

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WT1000 is tightly weaved with a 8HS Satin pattern, giving strength in both the vertical and horizontal direction.
It’s tight high tension weaving results in a high thermal conductivity medium, enabling WT1000 to effectively conduct excess heat energy away from thepoint of heat impact. This results in a slower heat energy build up, spreading the excess energy over a much lager area and providing insulation support for stray metal sparks.

Cloth Construction  : 18 X 11.48
Temperature Exposure  : 550°C (Continuous Maximum)
Flame spread : Class I Surface Spread of Glame
Density (Nominal) : 800 grams / meter ² or 26 oz / yard ²
Thickness (Nominal) : 1.0 mm
Width (Nominal) : 1.0 meter
Weave : Satin
Colour : White
Finisih : Loomstate
Length/Roll : 50 or 300 meters
WEFT YARN : TEX EC9 33 4 X 2
WARP YARN : TEX EC9 33 4 X 2



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