Haining HNF-A

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Haining HNF-A Model Raft Ccs C/W Throwover Cradle Lashing Hydro

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MAX. Storage Height: 36 meter
Throw overboard liferafts are designed to be used as independent units or as part of evacuation systems. They can be stored almost anywhere on racks and ramps, saving valuable deck space and causing minimal disruption to sea views which is important for passenger ships.
Liferafts are packed in sturdy containers that makes them especially durable, resistant to water ingress and makes them faster and easier to service.

Equipped with emergency packs and liferaft equipment according to SOLAS and flag requirements.
Provided with two individual buoyancy compartments. One compartment alone has sufficient buoyancy to carry the specified number of passengers
Stored in a rigid fibre-glass container for durability
Installed onboard either on cradles, racks, or stacked on top of each other

Standard rafts are available in sizes: 6, 10, 15, 20 and 25 persons

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