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H910 Plus Respiratory Protection



H910 Plus Industrial Edition Flat Folding Mask is a particulate protective mask. It has a high degree of protection, larger chamber space, better air permeability, comfort and applicability, to provide users with a safe and comfortable particle protection solutions.

  • Filter efficiency exceed 98%, over the National Standard
  • Hidden nose clip is provided with no metal exposure, higher bending resistance than metallic material.
  • Nose pad is made with sealing material of high fitness and softness, which can reduce the nasal oppressive feeling, and brings your better and more comfortable experience while using
  • Large internal space enhances more air circulation, provides user comfortable
  • Exhalation valve on H910V Plus can effectively discharge the heat and moisture when breathing, which reduces heat building up in the mask, thus greatly improving the comfort of wearing
  • Individual pack contains 2 masks per bag, provides user more convenient and safer from contaminants

Recommended Industries/Use
Construction, mining, textile, manufacturing, wood processing, pharmaceutical, electronic, automobile manufacturing and other industries that require particles protective situations, PM2.5 protection for haze days.

Technical Specification
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacture
Storage Condition: temperature range is -20ª to 38ª, maximum relative humidity <80%

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