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  • OUTSTANDING Performance
    The LDX uses infrared engine technology running at an ultra-fast 60 Hertz image update rate and incorporates proprietary image enhancement algorithms technology for the ultimate image performance in fire conditions. Housed in a compact, sleek design, the LDX is available in 320 x 240 and 240 x 180 resolutions to accommodate your budget.
    The display on the LDX greatly increases brightness and improves contrast, enabling firefighters to see more clearly in thick smoke and direct sunlight.
  • ADVANCED Features
    Now standard on the LDX is Super Red Hot colorization, highlighting high-heat scenes in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red and temperature measurement in numeric and relative heat indicator formats. Bullard’s exclusive Electronic Thermal Throttle® which enables Fire Fighters to optimize scenes with the touch of a button, is optional.
  • BEST Ergonomics
    The LDX is distinguishable from other thermal imagers by its uniquely focused compact ergonomic design for the fire service and a cool, blue metallic swirl color. Other colors are also available. Additionally, the imager’s power button design enables easy powering on and off with a gloved hand.
  • FIVE YEAR Warranty
    All X Factor Thermal Imagers come standard with a five-year, best in class, full service warranty on parts and labor. Upgrade to the CareFree® warranty to get five years of coverage on batteries.


  • Physical
Configuration Small Handheld Thermal Imager
Weight (w/ battery) 1.9 lbs. (DVR does not significantly increase weight)
Weight (w/o battery) 1.65 lbs.
imensions Height: 5.2″, Length: 7.7″, Width: 4.3″
Housing Material Ultem® Thermoplastic
Housing Colors Metallic Blue, Blue, Yellow, Lime-Yellow, Red, Orange, White, Black
  • Electrical
Power Source  NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Battery Capacity 1650 mAh
Battery Cycles  > 800 @ 70% Capacity
Start-up Time  < 4 Seconds
Operating Time 2 Hours*
Recharge Time 2 Hours
  • Infrared Detector
Detector Type  Microbolometer
Detector Sensing Material Vanadium Oxide
Detector Resolution 240 x 180 or 320 x 240
Spectral Response 7-14 Microns
Update Rate  60 Hz
NETD  < 50 mK
Dynamic Range  1100° F
Pixel Pitch  17 µm
Video Polarity White-Hot
  • Lens
Material Germanium
Field of View 31° V x 40° H
Focus 1 meter to infinity
Speed f/1.3
  • Display
Type Digital, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Size 3.5” Diagonal TFT Active Matrix
Pixel Format RGB
Brightness 500 cd/m2 (minimum)
Contrast Ratio 350:1 (typical)
Viewing Angle (Typical) Top = 60°, Bottom = 40°, Left / Right = 60°
  • Standard Features and Accessories
Temperature Measurement  Numeric and Bar Style
Super Red Hot Color above 500°F
  • Optional Features and Accessories
  • Electronic Thermal Throttle
Manually activated Blue Hot Spot Colorization
  • SceneCatcher Digital Video Recorder
-Video Format  NTSC
-Video File Type  AVI
-Video Image Size  720 x 480
-Video Record Time 5 hours
-Connection USB
  • Performance
500° F Heat Resistance 5 minutes with no damage to electronics
300° F Heat Resistance 15 minutes of continued operation with no damage
 -20° F Cold Resistance Continued operation
Water Resistance IP67
Impact Resistance 6 foot drops on concrete with no damage

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