Dräger Bodyguard® 1500

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Dräger Bodyguard® 1500 is an automatic wireless PASS system which increases wearer safety in potentially hazardous situations. The system draws attention to colleagues in distress by generating distinctive visual and acoustic alert signals and features wireless data transmission from the pressure gauge to the PASS device.

Enhanced safety
The rugged Dräger Bodyguard 1500 personal alert safety system is designed for use by both professional and
volunteer firefighters. During normal operation twin blue fascia LED’s show the position of the wearer – even in
conditions of poor visibility. The backlit Tx Gauge wirelessly transmits its pressure data to the PASS device and
also to the Dräger FPS 7000 Head-Up-Display if being used. This feature provides automatic visual notification
from the Tx Gauge and acoustic notification from the PASS when the air supply drops below user-defined
limits, such as 2/3 or 1/3. If the pressure drops below 56 bar, the PASS device emits a warning signal. The
backlight of the Tx Gauge begins to flash a visual alert. Should a firefighter remain motionless for more than
20 seconds, a pre-alert sounds. If this pre-alert is not cancelled by the user, the full alert (distinctive acoustic
and visual alarms) is activated, letting other members of the team know that a fellow firefighter is in distress.