Diesel Welding Machines

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Diesel Welding Machines

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• Welding mode selector switch is equipped (for DWL-300LS and DLW-400LSW)
• Short-circuit current during welding work can be adjusted (for DLW-300LSW)
• Voltage reducing device is equipped (fr DLW-300LS- and DLW-400LSW)
• Duty cycle 100% is realized (for DLW-300LS and DLW-400LSW)
• 3 position control of engine rotation e-mode is equipped (for DLW-300LS and DLW-400LSW)
• Worker may select the optimum mode or e-mode from the 3 positions of control. This realizes a lower onsumption of fuel (for DLW-300LS and DLW-400LSW)
• Welding work can be performed under a low-speed condition of the engine: ull range mode and e -mode (for DLW-300LSW)


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