COPPUS® Portable Ventilators

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COPPUS® Portable Ventilators

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• High-performance (HP) and Hornet models available in three sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP and 6-HP
• Air flows range from 1,370 to 8,900 cfm (2,328 to 15,121 m3/hr)
• Induction ratios up to 40:1
• Multiple expansion nozzles machined into housing
• High static pressure capabilities
• Diffuser material available in steel, aluminium or shock resistant polymer (Hornet HP)
•No moving parts (virtually maintenance-free)
• Static bonding cable (standard on all models) with spring tension grip and replaceable contact tips options
•Accepts flexible duct on diffuser end
•Inlet duct adapter available
•Tripod for stationary mounting available


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