High Performance Diesel Welding Set DAW-500S

Department: Industrial Safety 
Category: Welding Protection

500A Permanent Magnet Welder
- Greatly improved arc welding performance
- 100% duty cycle realized at 400A
- Compact, lightweight and quiet
- Improved energy efficiency

Dramatically Improved arc welding performance
The 500A welder incorporates an innovative power generator with a permanent magnet and newly developed current control system that offers stable arc performance for all sizes of welding rods.
This high-quality welding power source is suitable for pipeline construction and other projects.

Lightweight, compact design improves on-site maneuverability
The Welders newly developed power generator incorporates a brushless permanent magnet and field coils that greatly reduce overall weight. Compared to previous models, the 500As powerfull generator is more efficient, compact, lighter weight, and engine output requirement has been reduced by approximately 20%

Economical owing to low fuel consumption
A built-in slow-down unit incorporated into the 500As generator increases fuel efficiency and improves performance.

Designed for increased safety
The welding set is equipped with safety devices as standard equipment, such as an emergency shut-off devices to protect the generator at welding output overload and the engine at low oil pressure, high water temperature and battery insufficient charge.