Dampling Shower DEC-DS-6

Department: Environmental Protection 
Category: Shower and Eyewash Stations

This walk-through Decontamination Cubicle has been designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry for use in laboratories, production areas and packaging departments. However it is suitable for many environments where there is a potential risk of contamination of protective clothing by airborne particles. The Damping Shower starts automatically when a person enters the cubicle and breaks the photoelectric beam. It continues to operate until they leave the cubicle. Eliminating manual control prevents the risk of depositing contaminants on operating devices within the cubicle. It delivers a fine water mist to thoroughly dampen full-body protective clothing. It also leaves both hands free so that they can br raised for quicker and more efficient damping. The damping of clothing prior to removal prevents the release of airborne contaminants. The cubicle frame is manufactured from stainless steel and can be clad in either glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or steel panels depending on the application and intended location. An optional GRP drain sump can be fitted into the base of the cubicle to collect surplus water and can be permanently plumbed into th site’s effluent collection and treatment system.