Electronic Voltage Detectors

Department: Industrial Safety 
Category: Arch Flash & Electrical Shock Protection

Designed to give users maximum safety, the DETEX detectors of the CC-245 Series are the result of the most modern developments in electronic research. They offer a number of important properties and advantages.

Double signalling
Voltage presence indicated at the same time by:
- 4 extremely bright red flashing electro
- luminescent diodes (visible at more than 50 meters even in direct lighting),
- a powerful rated acoustic signal (60 dB/2 m).

Satisfactory operation of the unit is indicated:
- When pressing the test button, by:
. the red diodes flashing,
. the acoustic signal sounding.
- When releasing the TEST button, by:
. timed green up diodes lighting.
As long as they light, the unit continues its self testing and the detector is fully operational.

High specifications
- Detectors are adjusted, tested and controlled one by one.
- Remarkably resistant to impacts, vibrations, extreme temperatures, humidity and sudden changes in the atmosphere (condensation, freezing).
- Precise and stable operating threshold. Insensitivity to induced voltages by limiting the operating voltage range.
- Robust housing made from polycarbonate with high mechanical properties and dielectric strength.
- The contact electrodes are simply screwed to the housing and are therefore easily interchangeable.