Ambu Emergency Soft Pack

Department: Industrial Safety 
Category: Medical First-Aid Equipments

The Ambu Emergency Soft Pack is designed to store and carry Ambu basic resuscitation equipment, intubation equipment and accessories incl. ampoules.

- The soft nature of the pack makes it more pliable and comfortable to carry and provides good protection for the contents.
- Flexibility when selecting contents. Various versions available, empty, partly equipped or fully equipped for neonate, infant/child or adult resuscitation, or any combination.
- Lightweight and durable. Provided with various fittings to keep the contents in place. Rubber feet to protect from dust and dirt.
- Removable, foam protected ampoule spacer for up to 60 ampoules.

The outer cover is made of splash proof polyamide.
Straps and belts are made of polypropylene.

Dimensions & weight:
Dimensions: 63 x 35 x 25 cm
Weight: Approx. 2 kg, empty