Group Lockout Kits

Department: Industrial Safety 
Category: Lockout & Tagout Equipments

Modular Lockout/Tagout Organizers
- Lightweight safety lockout carrying case, 15"W x 9-1/2"T x 7"0, with modular,
translucent storage compartments for improved organization and fast
component selection
- Kits include high-use components, satisfying most applications
- Separate compartments for effective grouping of (1) padlocks & hasps, (2)
valve lockout & (3) electrical lockout components
- Group kits are for multiple workers; padlocks are supplied keyed-different so
that no unwanted key interchange occurs
- Available with your choice of Padlock:
Lightweight designed-for-safety Xenoy, Heavy Duty Aluminum, or
Durable Laminated Steel Padlocks
- PLUS, a no-charge Safety Lockout Padlock Key Charting System is available to
you. Simply return the enclosed mail-in card after your purchase. Master Lock
will supply a Registered System number, maintain a record of the padlock key
cuts provided with your station and ensure that there is no unwanted padlock
key cut duplication on your future orders* - this is critical for Safety Lockout!