Biosystems MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station

Department: Industrial Safety 
Category: Measurement Meters

The Biosystems MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station is an automatic calibration station and data download center for the Biosystems MultiPro gas detector. Just place the detector in the dock, the MultiPro IQ Express does the rest. The MultiPro IQ Express identifies the instrument and performs a quick battery test before moving on to a bump test. If the detector fails the bump test, the IQ Express automatically performs a full span calibration of the detector without further intervention from the user. Once the instrument passes the bump test or span calibration, the MultiPro IQ Express automatically tests the audible, visible and vibrating (if available) alarms before downloading instrument data. Once all the tests are passed, the MultiPro IQ Express Dock will show "Ready" on the display, letting you know that the detector is ready to go.