Biosystems Toxipro / Toxi3Ltd / ToxiLtd Single Gas Detectors

Department: Industrial Safety 
Category: Measurement Meters

- Compact & rugged
- IP65/IP67 rated protection against dust and water ingress
- Over-molded boot
- One button operation
- Large display (backlit in ToxiPro)
- Loud alarm
- Top & front mounted bright LED
- Available with built-in vibrating alarm

Logging & Download
- Automatic event logger (20 events, including sensor type, max, average, time and duration)
- IrDA PC communication
- ToxiPro comes standard with black-box recorder
- ToxiPro available with datalogger

- ToxiLtd: Internal lithium - 2 years of operation
- Toxi3Ltd: Internal lithium - 3 years of operation
- ToxiPro: Replaceable lithium - 9000 hrs of operation

Sensors & Calibration
- ToxiPro: O2, CO, CO+, H2S, SO2, CO-H, Cl2, ClO2, SO2 Ext., NH3, NO2, PH3, HCN
- ToxiLtd: O2, CO, CO+, H2S, SO2
- Toxi3Ltd: CO, H2S
One-button automatic calibration for ToxiPro, ToxiLtd and Toxi3Ltd