Pig Absorbent Pillows & Pans

Department: Environmental Protection 
Category: Spill Containment System

PIG Pillow-In-A-Pan
PAN201: 12 pans an 24 pillows/box
Pans; 27 cm W x 27 cm L x 8 cm H
Pillow: 25 cm W x 25 cm L x 5 cm H
Abs. 1.9L/pillow; 45.6 L/box

PIG Pillow-In-A-Pan #PAN201
- Use under leaking spigots, flanges, machinery and pipes to absorb nuisance drips
- Reusable polypropylene Pan with replaceable Pillow
- Durable polypropylene Pan has a low 3" profile - slides easily under your machinery
- Each Pillow absorbs 1/2 gallon of non-aggressive liquids, including oils, coolants, solvents and water
- Includes 12 Pans and 24 Pillows

Use Small Pillows (PIG Pillows PIL 204) to refill Pans; use Large Pillows (PIL201) for big spills or repair jobs. Incinerate Pillows to reduce waste.