Cable Heated Feeze Resistant

Department: Environmental Protection 
Category: Shower and Eyewash Stations

- 120 VAC cable heated combination shower and eye/face wash
- Features 10-5/8" ABS plastic showerhead and a twin ABS plastic Feather-Flo eye/face wash.
- Thermostatically controlled electric heating cable protected by 3/4" insulation and an ABS plastic jacket prevents freezing down to ambient temperatures of -30 F. A pull rod activates shower.
- Push flag activates eye/face wash. Model includes hose body spray and freeze protection bleed valve, for added protection, that automatically opens to flush water during freezing conditions during power failures. Pipe stanchion: 1-1/4" Schedule 40 stainless steel. Top or bottom supply: 1-1/4" IPS.Standard model rated explosion proof Class 1, Division 2, Group B, C, D.
- It is certified by CSA to meet the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.